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Externship: Multiple Interviews same company

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I recently completed my 2nd semester in a BSN program and have applied for externships in my area. The location I preferred was not listed on the hospital's main website so I applied for different locations. Immediately following this I found an opening at my hospital location of choice on a jobs website and applied. I have an interview set up with the other location, about an hour away, which is a field I have found interesting and definitely special, Oncology, while the location that I want to work at in the long term, literally a stone's throw from my residence, is saying that they can not continue the process there until I complete the process at the other location.This is an ER position. As a student I am unsure of which area I really want to work in, but both of these areas interest me in different ways. Should I mention in my interview that I would much prefer the other location?? Nothing is certain and I did not want to lose both as nothing is certain at this point. Advice??

if i understand you correctly, job 1, oncology, is still pending, and job 2 next door, er, wants to see what happens with job 1 before talking to you again. this is reasonable. finish the process with oncology and if they offer you the job, say, "thank you for your confidence in me, can i let you know on monday?" then ask er if that makes any difference to them. if they don't offer you a job on the spot, take oncology, learn all you can from it, and keep your eye open for oncology vacancies in the hospital next door.

that's my story and i'm sticking to it. unless i got the specifics wrong. :D


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