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Extending of Application date


Does anyone know why a program would extend the cut off date to apply to a program? The program I applied to for spring 15 had a set date for apps to be in by 4 pm on October 4th. They then extended it until the 31st. A fellow classmate of mine called today and they told her if she wanted to apply to come in today and bring all of her stuff because today would be the best day to come! I'm so confused the program starts on January 9th it's almost December!

That's quite an extension and it seems odd. Perhaps you should call the school and ask about it? Maybe there weren't enough applicants?

I've called all they will tell me is too keep checking my mailbox 😫 idk what to think 😢

Ha, guess it's top secret. Maybe it's not such a big deal after all but I'm sure they have to go through all those apps quickly in order to start by Jan!! One school I applied to extended their app deadline an extra week. No idea why either. Be patient as difficult as that may seem. Good luck & hopefully you receive some good news!!