Exposed to TB?


Hi all...I have a question...well, a few. I'm on a psych unit. We had a patient come in who had been exposed to TB. Her boyfriend has a confirmed active case, and he did take the 9 month medicine but only for two months. My patient hacks from time to time and brings up gunk but nothing bloody. My questions:

Shouldn't our patient have been put on isolation precautions in a negative pressure room? And since we do not have a neg pressure room on psych, what to do? Secondly, are all of us on the floor now at risk for TB? I have a little baby

and I don't want to bring this home to her.

Patient needs a TB skin test as first step, at least.


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Patient needs a TB skin test as first step, at least.

That was ordered...but that's a 48 and 72 hour read...what in the meantime? That's 2-3 days with her on the floor.

Contact your infection control person.

Monitor patient and self for temp.

Send sputum for Tb/culture.

It would seem to be a good idea to have the patient wear mask....or have

staff wear masks....depending on situation....that is, patient in room or up

and about the unit.

I know in situations I have been in before, it required approval before placing

patient in isolation.....I know this is frustrating.

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