Exposed to H1N1...for sure!


i was deffinatly exposed to H1N1... was by my 2 year old nephew who came to give me a hug (how could i turn that down? just because he was sick? never!)

He gives me a hug and coughs in my face. Later, he tries runs up after couging in his hands and shoves a carrot in my mouth.

he does have confirmed H1N1....

i did get the vaccine though, the injection.

i got the injection 7 days before this occured, and it claims to work in 8-10 days.

....lets hope it works!!!

was it required for anyone?!? (not required for us, but highly highly recommended)


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It wasnt required where I work. But we will be getting one today(me and my four yr. old) so I will let you know how it goes. He was exposed to it about a month and a half ago and never got sick. A kiddo at his PNO got a positive H1N1 diagnoses a few hours after going to the PNO. The only time he goes to a PNO and the boy he makes buddys with has H1N1! HA! How's that for horrible luck?. I freaked out(since my son has asthma) and pre-existings. I called the ER line at our doc's office and he prescribed tamaflu(because his asthma is extreme when he gets sick) since he had been exposed. He started vit. C's, and a immune bosting yogurt before I called the doctor and I stalked up on pedialite and regular yogurt. He ended up not getting it(thank you god). Now I just have to worry about getting him exposed to it while getting the shot. Today.


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I got exposed at work when a high pressure tubing disconnected and spewed me in the face - way before the vaccines were available. I had my N95 mask on and glasses, but the impact was pretty strong.

Four days later I was febrile and my joints were very sore. But I had a mild case for a few days and considered myself vaccinated!