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I found this letter to the editor very interesting to say the least. It is from the Feb.15 2004 issue of The Progressive Populist.

Expose the Traitors

Thanks again for publishing such important articles as written in your 1/1-15/04 issue, especially those covering the FTAA protest in Miami. Molly Ivins' excellent article high lighted the deceptive nature of these undercover police and how they have - and undemocratically - disguised themselves as protesters in order to instigate violent attacks against law abiding non-violent protesters. At the WTO protest in Italy, people were even beaten as they slept. Peaceful, non-violent protesters are merely addressing their grievances towards their government.

I was born in Canada; I became a naturalized US citizen and I have served honorably six years in the US Navy. I would have liked to have participated in many protest in recent years ... but I can't always afford the plane fare for the weekend and I have to be at work on Monday. However, I was able to make the FTAA protest in Quebec. When crossing the border into Canada, I was asked by the border guard the reason for my visit. I told him that I was going to the FTAA protest in Quebec. He told me to go inside the office. The border guard delays me, even though I had my US passport as well as my expired Canadian passport. I asked them the reason for the delay, then the guard asked me if I was member of a union. Funny, I have never, ever, been asked if I was a member of a union when crossing into Canada. Hummmm, I guess the FTAA and union membership are somehow connected. ... This last November, when crossing over the border from Windsor, Canada into Detroit, I was stopped for a random search. While searching, they found a gas mask in my car. I told them I had taken it to the FTAA protest in Quebec. I brought it along just in case the legally approved, peaceful march of protesters - accidentally - got gassed with pepper spray. Then I was asked how often I protested. I replied that I am politically active when I can be. The border guard then asked me if I had protested recently. Funny, I have never been asked this at a border crossing before. Question: Does democratically protesting against your government policies - redressing your grievances - now make you a terrorist threat? Since when has democracy been a threat? When you live in a tyrannical, plutocratic, undemocratic state perhaps?

Charles A. Robinson

Somewhere around here my husband has an article written by an ex-FBI agent wherein he detailed how, back in the late 60's and early 70's, he and other agents would disguise themselves and attend protest and rallies wherein they would do what they could to agitate the crowd and incite violent behavior if possible. As my husband says, government loves turmoil, chaos, disorder and unrest for it is through these means in which it gains and centralizes power to those at the top.

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