Experiencing Burnout?


I am a new nurse, and just recently graduated from nursing school in May. I just started a job at a rehab center, and it's a facility that holds up to 25 patients at a time. There is only one nurse for a potential of 25 patients, and on top of that, all of our charting/medication administration is via paper. I think I got a total of 2 days hands on training before I was put on the floor. I was waiting for my license to transfer from another state before I was allowed to do anything nursing related. I understand that there is no perfect world nursing, and honestly I expect a lot to be relied on one nurse, but I am wondering if I am starting to experience burnout already. It concerns me that it is already happening. I am exhausted almost every day, I can't concentrate as much as I feel I should be, and we are expected to do so much there, that it just seems ridiculous for one nurse. I understand there are bad days in nursing, but when every day stresses you out because of the patient load, and what is expected of you, it's just crazy. I'm not sure what to do. I don't think talking to the DON would help, because ultimately the owner is the one who decides staffing, and he already turned down hiring an extra nurse part-time for treatments. I'm seriously not sure what to do.


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You are likely not experiencing "burnout" quite yet- it sounds like you have a crappy job.... Do you want to continue to be a nurse? Are there other opportunities for your career path? If the answers are yes then you just need to find the right fit, the job you have right now might be something that an experienced RN could handle- but as a new nurse you need more support. I know the job market is tough, but get another job....

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Is this enough "burn out" for you?


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It does sound like a lot for one nurse. Even though it is ultimately the owner's decision, I wonder if he/she truly understands what you are going through. It might be worth it to address your concerns objectively to the DON; if they don't do anything about it, absolutely don't stay there. You've worked too hard for that license!