Experienced and underpaided


I am a experienced Nurse at CAMC 20+ years at this place.

I have been a NA, EMT, LPN, a medic and a RN in the USAF, which I am retired from now. I also have been teaching BLS, First Aide and ACLS. I have worked in the Nursing Feild since about 1973. I have a AD form UC 1985. I let CAMC 1 year a go to Putman Hospital to work and started with a increase in pay to $23 and I then returned to CAMC. Now woking Nights here just over $23 with $1 on the hour = $24. To make more money at CAMC your most Level, check out the additional pay raise you can get at their web site. I have choose not to do this because you end up doing additional papperwork and spending less time at the bed side and additional time on time off to maintaine it. There is no pay diffence for BSN, but it will give you more options. I am frequenly looked over because I have not leveled or have a BSN. My complain is that of SOME nurse managers with ADN, coworkers with a BSN or coworkers that has leveled are very pore managers or ineffective as bedside nurses. I just want have a chance to prove I should be paid more. To kept my pay I say where I am at. I have a varied experienc due to working here, LPN-Med/Surg, RN-Med/Sur, Medical ICU, IV Therapy, Surgery, Medica Rehab, CCU and Telemetry. I kept looking for options to vary my experince. Overall CAMC is good place to work.I am open to options of any kind in WV to increase my pay even to leave CAMC again if means better money and benifits. Why do I stay, My family and home is here. I am looking at working idependently, work at home , starting a business, inserviceing others on medical equipment, teaching BLS/ACLS or just anything. I just want to use my nursing experienc. Drop a line for more info or if you got any ideas.

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