Experienced nurses...need your advice!

Nurses Job Hunt


I dont know how many of you read the new nurses anxiety posts, but here's hoping someone does! So there are a TON of us that applied to the USC program. Reading the thread, there are minor trickling of information coming out and a few that have gotten the "Thank you but no thank you" emails...someone says that HR said that we would be notified from July 23-August something....would it be bad to call HR there and ask for myself when notifications would be going out? There are about 30 of us at school that applied that are having heart attacks! For myself? I haven't slept a decent minute since Monday just waiting to hear something, ANYTHING. I'm even having dreams that someone from USC is calling me and I startle awake, and nope, no phone call. I've had dreams about the email, jolt awake, search my phone for email, nothing.

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