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Hey all,

Anyone out there gone the LPN to RN route?

I'd like to hear from someone who has, and am curious to know if their LPN experience made a difference in their new RN grad wage.

I"ll have been an LPN for 12-13 years (at least) by the time I'm an RN.

The wages for new RN grads that I've seen posted are less than I make now and I would hate to have spent so much money and time away from family to have my pay lowered as well!

Anyone have any insight?

Thank you :specs:

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I don't have any real insight but I can tell you from talking to my friends who are RNs the starting salary scale is usually about $25-30 depending on experience with premium pay for working less desirable hours such as nights and weekends/holidays. Swedish Hospital posts the expected salary right on their website.


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It depends on your employer. For example, Swedish Hospital in Seattle will give you 1 year experience credit for every 2 years of LPN experience. Another hospital I worked at gave an LPN who became and RN full credit for her years of LPN experience. So most likely you will be starting out at a higher pay grade then a regular RN grad.


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I am RN who was an LPN and I got full credit for my years of experience has an LPN and RN. However,most of my nursing was in florida and some in georgia.

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