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Hi all! Looking to get a little info from you all on L&D opportunities in the bay area.

I have 1.5 years of ER experience and I'll hit my one year mark in L&D in three weeks. Currently in the Central Valley. I work on a busy unit with 300-350 deliveries per month. We manage any and all high risk cases. I float to high risk antepartum, OR, recovery, and SOMETIMES to postpartum. I haven't yet floated to triage but I just received my C-EFM so they'll start floating me soon. I do my own cervical exams and I place my own IUPCS and FSEs. My nursery experience is limited because we have nursery nurses, but I have my NRP and will assist them when needed. 

I'm very anxious to move to the bay area as this is where my family and community is. Additionally, my husband works in tech and while he's currently remote he'll most likely start going back to the office soon which is in San Francisco. 

I'm curious about my chances of getting an L&D position in the bay area with only one year of L&D experience. I know UCSF and Marin General require two years so those are out. Can anyone provide any information on requirements for other hospitals. I know Kaiser STATES they only require one year, but how often do they actually hire L&D RNs with my kind of experience? Any and all info is much appreciated!


Thank you!

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Wow, until I read your last sentence, I would have guessed that you work where I worked last year as an interim manager (Kaiser Modesto). ?

I would say you have a very good chance of finding work. Experienced L&D nurses are hard to find, you come with some great experience, and "one year experience" is kind of a fluid milestone - if you're within a month of that one year, it's okay to say you have one year.

Good luck!

If you want to DM me, I can put out some feelers for you and find out if any of the Bay Area hospitals are currently hiring or looking to hire. I know a few L&D nurses who work at Kaiser Oakland.