Experienced CNA not getting interviews


I had recently quit my previous job due to personal reasons and I have applied literally everywhere multiple times. I've even applied to places an hour away and I'm just not recieving a single interview. I have a very good resume (in my opinion) and a very nicely worded cover letter.

I have everything in my power to try and get a job. I even made sure to revise my resume but no one contacts me. I really don't know what I'm doing wrong and I'm become extremely desperate because how long its been since I worked.

Has 21 years experience.

More information would be needed to figure out why finding another position is difficult.

-Is there a large vacancy for aides in your area? Sometimes employers will post a job to get applications to have on file for the future but are not currently hiring...or the shifts that they are hiring for are outside of the availability that you put in your application (which shift, days, etc)

-If the organization that you recently quit, did you leave on good terms or at least with an acceptable notice. Unfortunately, if the company is large and owns a lot of the companies in your area, if you are listed as non-rehireable this could be a deal breaker

-If you left on good terms or on good terms with previous employers, would a supervisor be willing to write you a letter of recommendation? This can be attached to online profiles sent to the employer and can speak for what you have accomplished in the past.

-The way that your resume looks can mean a lot. I have been working with a professional resume writer for years. My husband recommended him to me and he has done a great job. My husband has a lot of credentials and a great work history. He tried to set up a general resume on his own with a template. We were told it was "career suicide". The resumes that he and I have had from him have landed us several interviews. Think about it. you are among several applicants for the job. The ones with the most eye catching resumes that highlight their experience and strong points will get the interview. The ones that don't grab the readers attention, unfortunately may never get a call back, and they may be the best candidate for the job but the employer will never know. Gone are the days when a job hunter can walk into HR with their resume and ask to fill out an application and speak with the recruiter for the facility.

-Try calling the HR departments. See if you can get a telephone and email contact for who is in charge of recruiting for the position. Make a contact, try to sell yourself (but don't sound desperate), and see if you can get an interview. I found the recruiters email on a job page for a position. I did not qualify as I am not a new grad without nursing experience, but she forwarded my info and resume to recruiters that would be interested in interviewing me.

-Do you have any friends/family that work in the field? From experience, I know that another employee (especially one thought highly of) recommending you will usually get you an interview if you are qualified. My husband made the mistake of forwarding the resume of someone who he did not know but met while at work (he does field service) to his boss. He was hired based on recommendation. My husband was stuck working with him for three long agonizing years. The person would have never gotten in with his credentials/background alone).

-Post your resume on Moster or other career websites. Be ready for some possibly interesting interview requests though (jobs that have nothing to do with your background but your resume had a key word that brought it up in a search).

-Finally, if all else fails, perhaps find a nice business suit, print out your resume/cover letter, and go visit the HR office. The worst they could do is tell you to apply online. If it even gets you the email/telephone contact that you need, you may be able to establish a line of communication.

I'm sure there are a lot more things that may be a factor or could help. These are just what I could think of. Best of luck to you in your Job Search.