Experience without experience??

Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


So, I am working on my prerequisites for the nursing program at my CC. I just finished my CNA class and am awaiting my test date. I have begun to look for jobs and am finding NOTHING. There are several CNA jobs posted in my area, but all of them are looking for EXPERIENCED CNAs. I have tried for medical assistant jobs as well... again, looking for experience. I even tried applying as a cashier, which I have been working almost my entire working life, and they turned me down because I didn't have hospital cashier experience! I don't know anyone who works in the medical field and I have no idea what else to do. Unfortunately, I need a job ($$$) and cannot volunteer because of school & work.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to work without experience?

Keep on applying. I completed my CNA class in July and just took my test last week. I applied for AT LEAST 50-75 jobs.. (I would literally sit on my computer for 8 hours a day and research places and find out how to apply). I FINALLY got a call for a CNA job at a nursing home. I know a lot of places want that certification but keep looking.. good luck!

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