who have an experience of withdrawing?

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Who once withdrew?

It was my first time to withdraw.

This was because I felt stressful, and little confident about getting As in A&P courses.

Actually, I only got two Bs in classes. That made me very worried. Other than grades, peer competition, a teacher, and the busy schedule in summer semester were other reasons made me withdraw.

When some classmates pointed "foramen rotundum" quickly and exactly in lab classes, I felt sad because I could not remember the name as quickly and exactly as they did.

When a teacher of mine said that "ionic compound completely loses or gains electrons" was right, I felt sad because words in the textbook were "ionic compound loses or gains one or more electrons," and I thought the teacher's words were not accurate.

The schedule in summer semester was busy. I had no weekends, but I still did not do well in classes.

Before withdrawing, I was sad because of the grades I got.

After withdrawing, I am sad too because even though I withdrew this time, I am not sure whether I can do well in the same course next semester.

In addition, if someone have some ideas of studying methods of A&P, please direct me.

My questions are below:

1. What should I do when I disagree with a teacher's answer in a test? What I did was to argue, but no result.

2. When I try to memorize words of A&P, what I do just repeats and repeats. Which way do you think is the most effective way to memorize exactly and quickly?

3. When I studied A&P, I mainly read the textbook instead of the teacher's notebook. Do you think the teacher's notebook is as important as the textbook or more important than the textbook? How to use both of them effectively?

Any direction will be appreciated!!!!!!!

By the way, to whom has an idea of withdrawing, I do not think withdraw is a good choice so that please think it twice.



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1. If your teacher gives you notes then use the notes. His/her notes probably outline the material you'll be tested on. In that case the notes would be your primary reading material and your textbook is your reference material.

2. A&P is the study of organ systems. If you understand the system you won't have to do as much memorization. Know the terms in their contexts then you won't have to spend time memorizing words out of context. At least that's how it worked for me. Also your teacher should let you know what things you'll need to memorize for tests. If it isn't clear from your syllabus then ask.

3. Don't argue with the teacher. Your job is to get through the class with a decent grade. You don't improve your chances of getting a good grade by brow beating the teacher because of what you think you know better than him. Your teacher probably has at least master's degree in his field. I'm guessing you don't have a master's in the field he's teaching. Maybe he knows how to say things differently because he has advanced knowledge of the subject matter. Or maybe he was just wrong. It doesn't really matter. If you like to debate about science then find some like minded people and do it on your own time - outside class.


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Thank you very much for the reply, sunray12.

You are right. I was not focus on the most important things.

Thanks again.


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