experience needed when applying jobs in CA??


Hi! Im a graduate of batch 2010 and I've passed the recent july 2010 local board exam,I'm currently on the process of being petitioned by my mother in CA, but I really dont know how long it would take for all the processing to end. my mom's friend told her to advise me to try get a paid working experience here in the Phil first before going there and dont participate on trainings that requires me to pay the hospitals. they said that it would be a plus for me to have experience here in the phil when I try to find a work in CA

what my mom and her friend dont understand is that before I would be hired here in the Phil i NEED to undergo trainings that requires me paying bucks to hospitals. my mom's point is that its unfair for us newly grad nurses, and that we should stop availing those trainings because its the hospitals' responsibility to give us training without any payment if they want to employ us

now I dont know what to do

do I really need to have experience here in the Phil first before applying in CA?

how can I have work experience here in the Phil when I haven't undergone any basic trainings like bls,acls,ivt

what can I do instead here in the phil while I'm waiting for my petition to end? I've been a bum for 2mons already

thanks for your help guys

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Is your mum a USC if so you are probably looking at 10 years processing currently depending on when she filed and whether you are over 21 married/single

The thing with the Philippines at the moment will probably have a negative impact on you to gain experience due to the high demand of nurses looking for work. You may want to consider another country to gain work experience whilst waiting