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Experience LVN school in LA, help

NewLVNGal NewLVNGal (New) New

I'm looking for the LVN private school in North part of LA(I live in Canyon area)

My school choices are

1. Preferred College of Nursing, Van Nuys

2. Concorde Career College, North Hollywood

3. Charter College, Canyon Country(Previous name Clarita Career College)

4. College of Nursing and Technology, Reseda

5. Marian College, Van Nuys

I don't know how to choose which one good or bad, so I just want the real experience from current students and any recommendations.

Who have personal experiences on above school, Bad or good, please give me some ideas?(Education, How helpful of Instructure and school, what good and bad)

Thank you.:redbeathe

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

Has 14 years experience. Specializes in Case mgmt., rehab, (CRRN), LTC & psych.

I completed the LVN program at Casa Loma College at their Van Nuys campus in 2005. This school has been in existence since 1966, unlike the other for-profit career colleges that have popped up over the years.

I would select the LVN program with the cheapest tuition, because the end result is going to be the exact same at all of the schools: a diploma or certificate, and an LVN license. You are embarking on this journey during a slumping economy, and with no guarantee of a job after graduation, so why accrue more student loan debt than necessary?

Good luck to you!


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