Experience on CUNY City Tech Nursing Program


I recently graduated with a bachelors but my GPA isn't too hot since I messed up a few of my classes. It's about a 3.18. Since my chances of being accepted into ABSN programs are next to nothing, I want to start over at a community college. I am interested in CUNY City Tech's nursing program since their NCLEX pass rates seems pretty good.

Is anyone currently in the program that can offer me some advice about the prerequisite classes and the program itself?

How long did it take you to complete the needed prerequisites? How tough is it to get an A in the prereqs? Are the professors good or helpful? How flexible was it getting into the prereq classes you needed?

What was your experience like in the nursing program? Did they prepare you well for the NCLEX?



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Schedule an appointment with an advisor to discuss the program. They also have information sessions on it.

Thanks, I was planning on doing that but I was also hoping to get some first-hand accounts of their own experiences :)