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Has anyone ever been contacted by the College of Nurses of Ontario Investigations and hearings department. I was not long ago. I am not named in this investigation, but was on duty in the department on the shift in question and they would like to ask me a few questions.

Has anyone gone through this before? What is the usual procedure? Is there anyone who can share their experience?

I don't know if I will be able to be of any help to them, but I would like to be prepared since I have never gone through this before.



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It actually is quite a simple deal. I was doing a home care case and there were issues with some of the practices in place. I had charted to CYA standards, and so I was called about the situation. I was there before it became a big issue. I was called by an investigator at the CNO and he asked to confirm my version of events, and anything else that I could think of. Gave me a heart attack when he first called saying he was an investigator for the CNO, but I guess he got that alot as the first thing he said, was "it's not anything you've done, I am calling about the situation at......."

So seeing as it's not about you, it should be very straight forward.

You can breathe again.:uhoh3:


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Thanks!! I had the same reaction when I heard who he was but I think they are accustomed to that as he quickly stated "this is not pertaining to you". Which does make breathing alot easier. I was on shift the day of the event in question so that is why I was called. It was not bad at all. Thanks again.

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