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Hi! I took my hesi a few wks ago, didn't pass unfortunately but I remember seeing this before I began my test:version 7 retake 4....does anybody know what that means? That was my first time ever taking the hesi so I don't know why it said retake...

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The schools can buy different versions of the HESI exam, so while I don't know the exact method for numbering the versions, it really doesn't matter which one you take. All of the versions will be tested by HESI so that the scores are comparable regardless of which version you take (aka they're all at about the same difficulty level). Some schools will buy several versions to use so that it will be different if you retake, or even so that students taking it at the same time won't have the same exam. However, other schools will only buy one version, which is one reason why there are often limits on how frequently you can retake (so that you don't remember the questions/answers from the last time you took the exam).

Hi..do you have hesi exit v-7 ? Please let me know. I need some information how is. I have my test next wk. thanks.

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