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I was just informed that I have been officially accepted into my nursing program and I go in next week to enroll. Just had to share! :lol2:

It's going to take me 3 years because I'm having to go part-time, but I'm sure it will go fast. I'm just scared of pharm.... which may be one of the first classes I take. I hope living with a NP and having a CNS for a sister will help!

Rob72, ASN, RN

Specializes in Infectious Disease, Neuro, Research.

Which school? If you do clins at OU, feel free to shoot me an email.;)

I'm actually going to OCU, just enrolled and I'm taking pharm in the fall and will start to take more in the spring.

It's expensive but my (i don't know what to call her.... role model? I'm not sure, she just knows that I want to do what she's doing) really pushed me to go to OCU.

I'm just hoping that since I survived a degree in dietetics, I can survive this... i just cant do any more biochemistry. I just CAN'T!

Rob72, ASN, RN

Specializes in Infectious Disease, Neuro, Research.

Ouch, my wallet cries for you.:lol2: I had a co-worker go through their BS-BSN program a couple of years ago. He said it was challenging, but good quality.

Yeah I'm not looking forward to the bill.... but they were the only place I could go part time. I'm not willing to quit a job I'm passionate about to go back to school. If I wasn't passionate, sure I would quit.... But I'm making okay money with great perks and benefits! So I'm going to continue to horde my money to offset my loans. Lucky me, the only debt I have at this point is for my Nissan cube.

Student loans are scaring me though... Never had to worry about them before.