Excited and a little skeptical about BSN pre license program


So I have made the decision to change careers and couldn't be more excited. I recently met a really awesome NICU NP and got to see her work. Wow! I can't imagine myself doing anything else in life. What amazing work nurses do and I want to be part of it. Such a selfless career. I currently work in corporate com and feel my soul slowly withering away everyday :nailbiting: I really think nursing is my calling in life.

I have started researching this and find an online second bachelor BSN program perfect for my situation. I have a BA and MFA. Laughably unrelated to this new career, but a degree is a degree. I've applied to UTA and WGU...also looking into TWU (I'm in DFW) which has an evening/weekend program. I know these are all fiercely competitive to get a spot, so trying to up my odds. I'm a strong student so not worried too much on the GPA demands.

I know this has been brought up before, but there seems to be very few people on here from WGU that have completed the BSN Pre License program and have found jobs. I'm sure they are here, but most threads on the subject always end up with the existing RN to BSN grads claiming they found jobs. Well they also have experience. I'm wondering if people with no nursing background doing this program have had career success? And I am a bit nervous about pursuing my NP career track with this degree and the WGU grading format...has anyone graduated from WGU and gone into a UTA NP MSN program? That's the one that would work best for me.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I kind of think there should be two different boards for pre-licensure questions and RN-BSN/MSN questions.

As a lurker of this college's discussion board for some time, I have seen people mention that they have been able to get into NP programs without problems.


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That's a really good idea. The pre license questions seem to get lost among the others. I've seen people mention no problems going into a NP too, but always second hand. I'm all for the flexibility WGU offers, but not at the expense of furthering my career later down the line. Hopefully someone has experience going into UTA's NP program from WGU.