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Excited to apply after advisement appt.

Specializes in Public Health. Has 4 years experience.


i just wanted to share in the excitement i have right now....i just had my appointment with my advisor and she seemed really psyched for me to apply because she knows i will get in. i think she was proud. i hope this doesnt come off as gloaty but i am just so amped for june 12th to come so i can finally take this out of my hands and into the person who will type that acceptance letter for me in october!!! :D

i hope you all get these acceptance letters soon so we can all celebrate together. im sure we're all annoying somebody about ns and im sure they'll be relieved when we get in and are too busy to talk about ns lol :uhoh3:

anyways good luck to everyone! :yeah:


Specializes in Medical Surgical/Addiction/Mental Health.



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