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I have been a licensed PN for 6 months now and have heard really great things about Excelsior college in Albany, NY (on line) It would be perfect for me as I am a voracious reader and can work evenings and weekends on this from home. My hubby is gone 6 yrs and my youngest is 18 so lots of free time after work. (When not tired.) LOL

I have paid my $ 75.00 fee and was accepted to Excelsior. Going on-line in the PA BON I could not find anything regarding online ASN's studies advising that they will allow an LPN to sit for their NCLEX-RN. Is anyone out there

from PA and knows if this is acceptable in the state of PA? I won't pay the initial $895. and start until I am sure Pennsylvania is ok with using a distance college and will accept an Associate of Science in Nursing prereq and allowed to sit for RN licensure exam.

Thank you in advance for any info for Pennsylvania BON .....

Carole, LPN in PA


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Pennsylvania is okay with Excelsior. :nuke:


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Specializes in geriatrics and psychiatric.

Glad to hear that ! I was hoping it was a go ahead and do ! Thank you for the quick turn around reply!

Carole, LPN in PA

To the best of my knowledge PA is fine with EC.

I did their program. Loved it.


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