Excelsior. License in MN and then Endorsed in Florida?


Hi everyone,

Currently I am a Firefighter Medic in the State of Florida. I am considering Excelsior's Paramedic to RN program. Florida's Board of Nursing will not license Excelsior RN Graduates. I was told that if I obtained my license in Minnesota or other state I could simply be endorsed / licensed in Florida. Has anyone done this or know of someone who has? Is it really that easy or are there some other complications?

Because of my odd work schedule excelsior is basically the only ADN program I can enroll in. I would like to hear from any florida Excelsior graduates on this.

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Florida accepts LPN graduates with EC degrees but not paramedics to sit for boards.

However, I've heard that endorsement works once you're licensed in another state. Probably rather than rely on heresay just call and ask the BON yourself.


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I called and they said that they do not accept paramedics who go through Excelsior's RN program because of the too few clinical hours. But I did not ask them about endorsing RN's from other states.

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