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Hello everyone! I'm new to this site and have some questions I'm hoping Excelsior grads or students could answer.

I am in the process of obtaining my LPN and am interested in going through Excelsior for my AS or AAS for RN. Seems like it might be more workable for me instead of a bridge program. But even after reading some of the posts on this site and the Excelsior website, I'm still not sure I understand how it all works.

Are the Nursing Concepts classes self-taught or how does that work? I see study guides mentioned alot -- is that something you used to be successful in the classes? On the average, how long does it take to complete the Nursing Concepts classes?

How does the CPNE work? How expensive is that? I saw something posted on a CPNE boot camp? Is that what every student does?

I understand that I could try and CLEP some of the classes, but does anyone know whether or not Excelsior accepts credit from a vocational nursing program in place of some of their co-requisites (i.e. A&P)?

I would really appreciate some information and guidance to help me decide if Excelsior will work for me. Thanks!!!


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Hello future RN...

I just got through registering for my first (of many) tests that I'll be taking at a Prometric Testing Center... I'm going to take the Microbiology test.

I've been a "student" of Excelsior for the past year and a half... and this is my first test. I only registered at Excelsior because California Board of Registered Nurses was moving to no longer accept Regents graduates for licensure in Cali. There are a few options as far as getting through the RN program w/Excelsior. I'm planning on studying independantly for all my classes and then basically challenging the final exam for credit. They do offer some online and CD-ROM classes.. but they look too expensive for me. None of my LVN classes were accepted as prerequisites for the RN Program..... I took A&P at the local JC, and speech too. Good luck, and I hope this helped!

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NewStu...I am an Excelsior grad...How excelsior works is...after you are qualified to enter the program (LVN, Paramedic,RRT) you study (independently) study guides and/or text books that cover that particular module. When you are prepared, you sign up electronically and challenge that exam. Depending on your transcripts, you will have to take 11-14 tests average unless you have some of the common prereqs completed. When you complete the nursing courses, you take the clinical portion (CPNE) at various sites...this is a 2.5 day intense hands on exam. It verifys your competence in many areas in the clinical setting. Upon completion of the all the tests and the CPNE, you then can graduate and sit for boards.

Hope that helps...

P.S. You can use Excelsior recommend texts and study guides or BUY private party pacakges from various publishers to complete your education. Be careful here, you can waste a lot of money that may or may not be needed. Some to look at are Chancellorsonline.com, RUE, Istudysmart and many others. I personally used Chancellors and feel I got my money worth, as the study guides and audio tapes all were right on...and I attended their preplab in Indianapolis that prepares you for the clinical. Another word of caution..is that if you are not an independent learner and self motivated it is not for you. You must stay on task and "get r done". I average a test every 1-2 months...all depending on money. Each test cost around $200 give or take depending on the test. I also CLEP'd out a few test. You may private message me if you have further questions....Good luck

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