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I was wondering if there are any excelsior grads in Florida? I am currently enrolled and my husband and I have just purchased land down by Pensacola. Now I dont know if I can graduate from Excelsior and work there. Any feed back would be very helpful!! :nurse:

Thank YOU!


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I know a nurse that I have worked with that graduated from there. I don't think she had any problems getting her license or working in Florida


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I Work With Three Nurses Who Did Excelsior Back When It Was Regions; 2 Were Lpn's, 1 Was A Paramedic. Now, As I Understand It, The Only Way You Can Work In Fl If You Are Graduating From Excelsior Is To Have Been An Lpn. The Way Around This Is Go To Alabama And Work A Yr, Then Get Fl License By Reciprocity. (p'cola Very Near Alabama).

You'll Like P'cola Area, Cheap Cola, Beautiful Beaches,mild Winters....bad Thing Is Low Pay.......

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I am sorry! I forgot to mention that I am an LPN with a WA license at the moment. I am working on getting my AL license reinstated; as an LPN. Thank You for your input. If there are any RN's out there that are Excelsior graduates; I would love to hear from you.

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