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excelsior foundation to nursing


Has any past or new excelsior students taken this exam? If so how hard is this exam? Seems like I'm all over the place studying for this one! Chronicity/ foundations of nursing.

Chroncity has been the easiest for me. I am currently working on L1 and the silly Information Literacy class.

Ok, I guess it varies for certain people, so far I've heard how this one is a challenge, what sources did u use? As of right now I'm using recommended textbooks and Tcn guide. Life span 1 caught me off guard or something! Lol! That exam is a monster, it really was my fault though, I put to much emphasis on neoplastic meds and didn't study well enough for the cardiovascular area, unfortunately that's what landed my D.

Oh gosh! I was afraid that LS1 was going to be a doozy. Now for chroncity, I used SG101 and I rented the pharmacology book. I felt like SG 101 didn't fully prepare me for Chroncity. I also found my old med surg book from LPN school. I honestly found it easier than transition to nursing and health safety.

Good luck with the test.

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Definitely follow ur content guide and Saunders is a really good source. People say LS 1 and 3 are the hardest. Lol! I think all of them are monsters! I also had a lot of check all those that apply questions, part 2 of the reason for my D, I absolutely hate those type of questions.