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Hi, I am an RN and am researching online degree programs.I read in your forum that Florida does not accept BSN's from Excelsior.Does anyone know why?Thank you.A


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go to the florida board of nursing site:


on the frequent questions it says:

q: can i apply for a nursing license in florida if i graduated from regents (excelsior) college?

a: licensed practical nurses who had integrated clinical and theory in their practical nursing program, and subsequently graduated from regents (excelsior) college, may apply for licensure in florida. non-lpn's may apply only if they were enrolled in the regents (excelsior) college program on or before august 10, 1994.

also georgia will only issue a license by reciprocity for excelsior graduates.

since you are already an rn there should be no problem but contact the board of nursing for any clarification.


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You may also be a graduate from Excelsior and obtain a license for Florida by endorsment from another state.


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Thank you for your response, it certainly answered my question. Ahttp://www.doh.state.fl.us/mqa/nursing/nur_faq.html

On the frequent questions it says:

Also Georgia will only issue a license by reciprocity for Excelsior graduates.

Since you are already an RN there should be no problem but contact the Board of Nursing for any clarification.

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