What kinds of things are you seeing at the CPNE?

  1. Hi all,
    I'm submitting my application to a local CC's LPN-RN bridge program very soon. This bridge program only starts every 3 semesters and the application period has equally long intervals. As my science classes will soon expire, and also because I just don't want to wait another year and a half if the local CC doesn't accept me, plan B is Excelsior. I'm confident that I could pass the exams, but the idea of the CPNE scares the crap out of me (otherwise I probably would have signed up with Excelsior a year ago!). I know that many take it and pass, but many also fail. I'm afraid that my doc's office and detox work experience won't be enough clinical experience to prepare me.

    I hear there are workshops I can take, and that students enrolled with Excelsior have access to great resources online, but what about the hands-on experience? Does Excelsior provide you with the knowledge you'd need to handle TPN or a Hemovac or an NG tube at the CPNE? What other types of situations did you encounter during your PCS? Do your study guides clearly define what you are responsible for?

    I used to browse the Excelsior pages occasionally, but since Allnurses has changed the layout, I'm finding it really hard to look up all that old info- so I apologize if these are repeat questions!!

    Thanks for any info!!
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  3. by   t-lo
    No EC does not supply you with learning resourses for things like TPN, NG Tubes or Hemovacs. Students are suppose to gain this knowledge from their studies/ Nursing Courses as they are doing their courses. The recommended Fundamental's of Nursing Text has many of these procedures as does the Taylor's videos to name but 2 of the resourses.
    Hope this helps and good luck with your decision
  4. by   frankie,RN
    i did cpne a month ago. i also did a workshop thru excelsior. they will answer any questions. they did teach students how to use the ngtubes at the workshop. im prettysure other workshops will show u as well. i dont think u really are required to do anything with tpn during the cpne. they dont make u do rn things while u have an lpn license. the iv push is even done in a simulation lab. i did have a pt with a central line but i wasnt reqto do anything with it but the 20min check. the cpne is passable if your willing to dedicate the time to study for it and practice. good luck to you.