Silly to ask this....!!

  1. ok, so I am ready to start my first class with EC. The silly question is, where do I find the material I need to study on the web-site?? Do i buy any textbooks, download info....ect ???? HELP PLEASE!!!
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    To begin with:
    1. Log into MyExcelsior
    2. Go to: Resources
    on the right side, you will see "Learning Resources"
    3. Click on "Exam Content Guides"
    4. Assuming you are preparing for a nursing exam, choose "Nursing Exams"
    5. Assuming you are an enrolled student, you can access all the nursing exam content guides. If you are not an enrolled student you will only be able to access the non-nursing exam content guides and the Health & Safety exam content guide.

    The exam content guide includes practice questions with rationale as well as recommended texts/reading. For the nursing exam, there are also lists of journal articles that are relevant to each exam. You can access the recommended journal articles via the "Library" tab.

    Once you register and pay for an exam, you will have the opportunity to register/pay for the practice exams. most agree that the practice exams (there are two versions) are very helpful in preparing for the proctored exam as they give an opportunity to see where you are with the material as well as the content/format of the exam.

    Even if you elect to use other outside resources (studyguide 101, other tutorials, paid services such as "The College Network"), your base resource should be the exam content guides that are free from Excelsior College. These are your syllabus for the course and outline exactly what information needs to be mastered to be successful in these exams.
  4. by   delarmer
    thanks much!!