Sherri taylor's rn bridge program and ls series exams

  1. Hello! I am soon going to be taking repro this month and wanted to start on the LS series next month. I found Sherri Taylor's RN bridgeprogram that is suppose to assist with preparation for the examsexams and I was wondering if it is worth $150.00 a month? I am on a budget and had to make adjustments in my finances to pay for my exams. I have seen where some students have failed all three of the LS series but I wasn't aware of what study material they used. Any comments or advice about this program or the LS series exam is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   t-lo
    Holy Moly $150.00 a piece for each course...WOW. I don't know how they are so... I have no good or bad comment here...however I suppose it's a lot cheeper than going through RUE or TCN. I used RUE....but in retrospect.... I didn't need them. The recommended text and the Ec contents guides and my own notes earned me almost all "A's" on my courses.
    Good Luck
  4. by   JENNIFER27
    It's $150.00 a month, sorry for the confusion.
  5. by   alodocios
    i did it for a month and cancelled. get the realplayer download it online. then when you go to the rnbridge program spend a few hours and download every video and cancel after that. Unless they have updated, some of the information is either not on the test or they don't have all the info for the test. when you look at your excelsior study guide you can see what the bridge program is missing. they are supposed to be updating the videos, they told me that months ago after i complained that they didn't cover what was in the new studyguides. i will look back and see if they updated and let you know.
  6. by   alodocios
    everything looks the same. i would get it as a study aid but not as only or you could just skip it and read your books. you can download all current books on for free.
  7. by   JENNIFER27
    Ok thanks so much for that info!!! I will check out ebookee today