PSY 235 Online Class

  1. I just completed the online class this week.

    I wanted to share some information regarding this class. It was 8 weeks long. Every week there was about 4 assignments that needed to be done, it usually involved a combination of 2 discussion topics an essay and quiz. The midterm exam was about 5 essays at once and so was the final exam. There was a term paper due by the end of week seven. I found the class to be very writing intensive. The quizzes were 20 multiple choice questions and did not hold much weight toward your final grade. The professor Dr. Laura was not very helpful, she took a long time to submit grades and would not reply to questions in the discussion board. If you want an answer from her you would have to send her a message privately and even then her response would take a while. The class ended yesterday and I am waiting to see how long it takes to get my grade but overall I think it was worth it because I did not have to cram to take an exam and I think I did very well on all the assignments.
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