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I apologize for taking so long to post this here... I've posted in 2 other boards and can't believe I forgot this one!!! After passing at Grady... I would like to share my thoughts on this test... Read More

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    Quote from Mimi2BNP
    Hey, I'm not to fb savvy so can you tell me how you added the "let's conquer the beast" group on fb? Thanks!
    Hi Mimi!I apologize to all... I actually gave "half" of the group's name... Lol!Correct name is "Let's Conquer the CPNE Beast Together".Just log in to FB and search for the group. If I remember correctly, it's an open group, but if it isn't, just send a friend request to the group and Amy (the one who started the group a few years ago) will add you on. PM me if you have trouble and I will help you figure it out Blessings!Claudia
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    Hey Claudia, congratulations!!! I have a question for you, what made you want to test at Grady?
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    Congrats girly!!! Your post is one of the most informative and positive of all the posts here about the cpne. I have a strong faith in God and I will be remembering your encouraging words when I am there. I'm currently taking the fcca, both sessions, but the head to toe module is killing me.
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    Hi Jerez01!I'm in Florida and, at the time, hoping for a spot in Naples. After waiting for longer that I wanted to and being advised by Excelsior that wait time might still be out 7 months for Naples, I chose Grady for being the one closest to me after Naples.
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    Hi Shulliekendrick!Thank you! You're so sweet Pray, pray, pray... I definitely couldn't have it done without my Lord!As far as the FCCA, I can't help you there, since mine was on paper Blessings to you as you move forward!
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    Hello, I have been a stalker on this board for awhile because I'm not very computer savvy and don't know the ins and outs of this site. I have tried to email individuals but it won't let me. (I think you have to post a couple times first or something like that) So, when I found this post it mostly complements my feelings and thought this would be a good place to get my feet wet. Anyway, I recently completed all of the requirements EC has for their ADN. I want to post a journal however they have specifically forbid me when I asked what their guidelines were when posting about my experience. They gave me a blanket response of we do not allow journals they are a violation of acedemic honesty. I passed the CPNE on my first attempt with only one repeat in a lab. I started the program right at 2 years ago and could have been sooner if their wasn't all the red tape and waiting for EC. Even with the elation that I feel with this accomplishment, I am frustrated with the whole process and want to debrief with someone. I sent a message to them requesting a conference but have not received any response. I am hoping to find any other grads who have had these feelings to know that I'm not alone, yet its kind of difficult when you can't just shout it out. Thanks for reading.
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    Congrats on your success!!! I am glad to see that your leaning on God was a key factor. How did you prepare for CPNE? Did you participate in any workshops, either Sherri or Excelsior? How long did you prepare? How long are your CPNE days or how many hours do you spend at the hospital? You provided great information and thank you for your insight.
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    Hello- I'm scheduled to test at Grady Sept 27-29. Can I ask what you used to prepare?
    All the prep courses are so expensive and I am using all my spare nickels and dimes to pay for the CPNE exam.
    I have purchased and been prepareing with Robs cpne materials. Reading over and over the CPNE manuel- and been using the Excelsior college resources of chats, questions, ect.and mock set up in my house.
    What did you do to prepare. I am so nervous that because I have not attended or purchase one of these mock CPNE workshops that I will not be able to pass. It seems that it is so easy to fail this exam. I have put and continue to put everything I have into this and really don't want to come up short. What did you use to prepare for those mind blanking moments- How did you get through that? How did the care plan writing go? Any tips for that. Just if you have a moment to share what You did to prepare yourself and what you think helped you the most..includinging praying! Thank you.
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    Hi Rozdem,

    My main resource was the manual. I read it over and over and over again... I don't care for mneumonics. I feel that for me it's just one more thing to memorize. So, I wrote out all the AOC's in order in a way that would be easy to memorize, step by step, and read it, read it, read it. I also recorded those AOC's on my iPhone and listened to my own voice saying each one of them over, and over, and over. I would get a piece of paper and write them countless times each day (from memory). I timed myself doing that and wouldn't allow myself to take longer than 5-10 minutes to write everything down (all AOC's). If I didn't know those as the back of my hand I would have failed the exam. Speed is a big deal when you're testing, because there is so much to do and think about... you can't waste time trying to remember your AOC's and what comes after what. Knowing those steps by heart was key for me to move fast and even still, for my last patient, I almost ran out of time.
    I researched Rob's materials but didn't feel like they would work for me nor were they accurate (I don't know if other updated materials came up since I tested).
    I used Excelsior boards like you're doing, the "Let's Conquer the CPNE Beast Together" group on Facebook, and Sheri Taylor's online workshop. I didn't participate in any live workshops (Excelsior's or Sheri's). I simply couldn't take time off work to travel or spend any extra money whatsoever. I feel like if I hadn't used Sheri I probably wouldn't have passed. I didn't fully grasp the lab stations and how to actually do each one until I watched her videos covering them. I kept reading the description on the manual but couldn't quite visualize them, especially the IVPB. Anyway, just that would have been worth it for me, but I also made use of her expertise with care plans and her willingness to discuss each one with me. She corrects them super-quickly and her feedback helps you to see the big picture and avoid certain common mistakes and think on your feet, because as I said, you must be quick with your planning phase when testing. You have to be able to have certain care plans mapped out in your brain and sort of memorized in order not to waste time on test day.
    I did have a mock lab set up and practiced every single day, over and over again. I also used a big teddy bear as my patient (sometimes used my children too and I would make up a whole POC from beginning to end, and do the whole thing (including planning and writing the care plan), and I would time myself.
    I can't think of anything else right now, but feel free to email me directly if you think of any specific questions:

    All the best to you!
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    So inspiring!!! I test at Grady 10/25 and will attend Sheri's workshop in September, I am apprehensive, but also excited... Thank you for your reassuring words
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    Let us know how you do
    Study hard, be prepared, take hold of your nerves and you will succeed!!!

    All the best to you!
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    How much math is involved in the CPNE?
  13. by   Pixie.RN
    Quote from nikishere33
    How much math is involved in the CPNE?
    There is a bit. You have to calculate and regulate a gravity drip in one of the labs, calculate med amounts in the IV push lab, and possibly calculate meds for an IM injection in the lab (the other option there is getting SQ insulin and having to mix two). You might also have to calculate pump infusion rates during your patient care scenarios (PCSs) -- I had to hang a couple of antibiotics on my patients during my CPNE weekend.