Passed CPNE 2018!

  1. Well, after quite some time, I passed my CPNE!! Yes, it was difficult just as everyone else has already said. But I have to say that the College really does provide you with videos and audio content of what they are expecting of you. Hence, ALL of your critical elements! So what took me so long? I had to take a HUGE pause in life. My mother went through a terrible battle with cancer and subsequent treatment. And my life was literally put on hold. So for that reason I can say that the Excelsior program "worked for me". Had I been in a traditional program I would have had to withdraw due to my circumstances. So I figured a very important thing out about how this college is set up for any who want to apply: If you have the time and resources to go straight through your local nursing bridge program, then do it. But if you have a lot of responsibilities that have to be dealt with and you need more than a year to handle everything accordingly while attending school...then EC will work just fine for you.
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    CoCongratulations! I got my pass results for botg FCCA this a.m.!! What advice do you have as far as workshops?
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    I also just passed my CPNE at Albany medical center. It was a great ride. I studied very hard every day for 2 months, which is not enough for many students, but I studied 5 days a week about 10 hours per day. I got there and I can't lie I was very scared to fail. Fortunately, the Excelsior staff were very supportive and encouraging . The CA was extremely supportive. She made us feel at ease and reminded us to focus and just think about the assignment and nothing else. We were only 4 students that day. The CE's were fantastic and very professional. They wanted us to pass, but again they expect you to know your stuff. It's really not complicated if you just practice at home. Excelsior posted many resources that would be enough without spending your money on irrelevant outside materials. The videos explain everything about the PCS's and they teach you how to take the critical elements. I myself used the index cards excelsior sells. They saved me along with the videos. Every step I took during the exam, I took with confidence because I know I have learned from the source. Be careful on the sterile procedures, do not brake your sterile field and do not get out of the parameters of what needs to be sterile. The medication station was only challenging because of timing. I didn't find it hard at all. Every nurse should kown these basics. They actually make it easy because they provide you with the drug book, so you're not even expected to memorize all the meds. Be professional, respect the CE's and if they fail you, it's because you missed up. They don't fail students for fun. Trust me, they all feel sad when you don't pass. Don't think because you have been an LPN for so long you can just show up and pass. With this mentality, you will fail big time and don't feel bad because you did it to your self. I read reviews about excelsior failing people, and all this negativity and turns off student. If you're one of those loosers you need to stop and let people have their chances. Sorry I got carried away. Anyway, focus on the critical elements, know your care plans and diagnosis and what intervention you will need for that patient, watch the videos and practice. Use your pillows as the patient. I made a take Virgina from rubber to do Foley catheter for example, you can laugh, but I did get a Foley in the exam. Do not be scared. If you study and know your critical elements, you will pass. The moral of the story is all the crap I have been hearing from students that failed is completely false. They scared the crap out of me to the point that I thought the CE's were vampires, that was not cool to do that to people. The CE's are professional, master degree graduates, they have been nurses for a long time and you can't fool them. Also what even you study will help you increase your knowledge so you don't end up being the idiot nurse who is going to kill someone. Good luck guys, I wish you the best, Believe in yourselves. Remember, study if you want to succeed, because I did and I passed my CPNE the first time like drinking water.
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    What ever you do, don't choose anything outthere made by someone else or arranged by anyone other than excelsior. Focus on the videos, buy flash cards, and listen to all their webnars. Make sure you make some type of dummy in your home and treat the dummy as your patient. Repeat all the assessments over and over again until your knowledge about that starts to make you sick. Also learn how to document the critical steps. Do these things and you will have a great advantage over everyone else testing with you. Good luck
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    Congrats on passing the CPNE! You def persevered.
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    Congratulations!!!!! Can you please gives us a run down on how the 2 days of PCS go.......... I am testing soon and I am super nervous!!!!!! What happens after you get hand off report??? and what about the 20 min check??
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    Hello, I made some youtube videos to help students understand the flow. Here is Part 1 of 4.

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    Please check the response on youtube under Excelsior college CPNE part 1 to 4
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    I suppose if a workshop makes you feel more comfortable with the content then go for it. I didn't have the time/money. But I can honestly say that I wish I had had someone to work along side while I practiced my AOC's. Not only was I lonely, I also had no one to critique my mistakes. So I broke down every hand movement and drilled those critical elements in my head. Those critical elements are the key!!! So if you watch EC's videos and listen to their webinars, then you can't lose. Other students are asking the very questions you are concerned about. PLUS you can join the classroom.
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    Congratulations!!!!! Can you please gives us a run down on how the 2 days of PCS go.......... I am testing soon and I am super nervous!!!!!! What happens after you get hand off report??? and what about the 20 min check??
    I tested in Wisconsin. The Hospital was very beautiful. And the staff was super kind. CA, CE's all simply amazing. But that is not why you are there! Your test is to demonstrate your skills and competence. Day 1:Labs Passed both with no repeats. Even if the building is falling apart, do not get distracted! Most students fail on simple stuff like not identifying your dummy, the C.E., etc. They let you look at everything prior to testing. If you practiced ur butt off you know what to look for (IM/sub-q stuff, dummies, sterile supplies, oral meds, bla bla bla) So when you begin you can stay organized when you work. The stress is REAL! I practiced that MED administration lab in my sleep. It's tricky so study up on an SBAR. I had oral, IM, and IV drops for testing. My drops calculation was 8 ggts/min. Are u kidding me! For Sterile Technique I got PICC line dsg change. EC gives you the absolute way to do it. Just do not contaminate sterile field!! PCS were adult, child, adult. You must have a relevant care plan before you even get to meet them. So after you get the go on that, everything else is mnemonics and safe care. Mnemonics help u stay on track. That's all. My child patient did not cooperate at all so I had to come up with clever ways to get my care plan established with him. But it worked! Adults went smooth.--Oh and the 20 min check is essentially a full body quick assessment from head to toe and taking note of fluid and oxygen status (in a nut shell)