New EC student...Please advise

  1. Hi All!

    Just started with EC and have a few questions.
    How feasible is it to finish the program under a year if all prereqs are completed?

    I saw in the catalog that Fundamentals of Nursing and Maternity Nursing are not counted in the overall program, why is it a requirement?

    Has anyone studied for two exam at once ex. Transition and Health Safety?
    last question, I already have the fundamental books and just purchased the studyguides for the two above mention test, from past experience do I need to buy the Transition book, or is the guide, med-surg and NCLEX books enough?

    Thanks a bunch!
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Fundamentals of Nursing and Maternity nursing are not requirements for the AS/AAS degree.

    Materials needed to pass the exams vary by the individual. Some people do well with just the EC study guide and a fundamentals book, plus a good care plan & NCLEX-RN prep book. Others need many more resources. You could always try taking the first practice exam and see where your weaknesses are and then figure out what method might work for you. Good luck.
  4. by   Phil 4:13
    Thank You JBN!
  5. by   toekneejo
    Probably not reasonable but possible. You would have to take all 7 -8 theory exams in about 4 months. Because there is waiting periods that you have no control of during the FCCA and CPNE and they will take up a good 6 months. Feel free to PM me if you need more info. I just finished my CPNE on Sept 9th. I completed everything in just under 2 years but I did have a 4 month time frame where I wasn't able to finish my theory exams due to having to take care of my mother.
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  6. by   Phil 4:13
    Thx toekneejo! I can't send PM's yet, PM me if you can.
    I have a few questions...I'm scheduled to take Safety and Transition a few weeks apart, due to family issues I wanted to study for two exams at a time, is that not feasible? I'm currently unemployed, I thought studying for each exam two-three weeks prior to exam date would be enough....what do you think?

    Thx again!