for Health Safety?

  1. I used instantcert for my Human Development and Sociology CLEP's with great luck. Has anyone used this for the Health Safety test? It's format is a bit different than the CLEP study aids and I am hoping that its just as valuable.
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  3. by   BSNbeDONE
    I used instantcert for Psychology of Adulthood & Aging and Social Psychology. And I went on the word of the members there regarding the Analyzing & Interpreting Literature CLEP without studying for it. I've had very positive experiences with the flashcards but I found out about the flashcards AFTER my graduation from EC; during my pursuit of the RN-BSN so I can't tell you how effective it will be with the Health Safety. If you are confident in the flashcards and feel compelled to use them for this exam, I would definitely compare the flashcard content with the information on the EC content guide. I must admit, I would be leery of using flashcards to prepare for the nursing theory exams.....that's just me......because Excelsior manages to toss patient-care scenarios in the form of a question in the darnedest places.
    Not that it matters, but the exams that I took using the flashcards were much cheaper, so if by fate I failed them, (thank God I didn't), I would not have been out of $300. Good luck on your exams!!
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