If Excelsior loses crediblity, do I as well?

  1. I live in Alabama and am debating the Excelsior route. Its taken on a "case by case" basis so there is some risk in going from LPN to RN at Excelsior in Alabama. My question is: If for some reason in the future Excelsior loses its credibility totally with the state/or at all, would I lose my RN license potentially in the future? Also, if there are any Alabama Excelsior graduates out there, I'd love to hear anything you have to say!

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  3. by   demylenated
    What do you mean it is taken as a "case by case?" Excelsior has been around long enough, I doubt they will lose anything anytime soon. What you can consider, if Ala doesn't want to accept it, is finish it, take your boards and license in a neighboring state. Then after a year of working in said state, you should be able to just transfer your license in since you have experience (look at how long you need it).
  4. by   Pixie.RN
    EC grads who were already licensed in states that stopped licensing EC grads did not lose their licenses after the fact.
  5. by   brittany3417
    I called the board and said they only except excelsior grads based on where they did their LPN, what clinicals they had, and any other further experience they acquire as an LPN. They don't pre-accept either, so basically I have no clue until I finish whether or not this is worth it. But I didn't consider another state. It wouldn't be ideal, but it's way better than losing all that money and a license too!!
  6. by   brittany3417
    And the fact that if something did happen and fifteen years later I was without a license and job strayed me away from the program.. But it's good to know there's security with this program.
  7. by   Latasha Davis
    Hii so did you ever enroll in ec program, Im thinking about enrolling im from alabama but i live in tn i have an lpn license its a multi sate license but i was thinking about doing the ec program then moving back to alabama.