How many months did you subscribe to Sheri Taylor's online workshop?

  1. I thought I would be able to view the online workshop of Sheri Taylor in a month's time and be able to retain all by the end of it but today is my last day for my first month subscription and I felt like I need to watch the videos many times again. If money is not a problem I would have registered for it again. Does anybody here subscribed to Sheri Taylor's workshop for more than a month?
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  3. by   stepbystep12
    I did and I felt the same too but I am testing in a weeks time so I couldn't.
  4. by   phengro
    Thanks for the reply, Maria. Nice to know I am not alone on that. Good luck in your exams.
  5. by   BerryHappy
    I kept my online account active until I passed my CPNE. The most valuable part of having it, I think, was that on the night after I got my first PCS assignment (Fri night), I was able to go back to my room and watch Sherri do Resp Assess and a Neuro Assess and the quick review was a lifesaver! I felt like I had her there with me! It calmed my nerves and gave me great confidence for my first PCS on Sat morning.

    Don't keep it if money is tight, but if you can it is a godsend!
  6. by   thenursemandy
    2 months. I would record myself play it back and look for errors. I passed the CPNE first attempt. I was in a group of six and when I passed the CPA, I was led to believe only one other person in my group passed.

    Take the workshop, its worth it.