Getting ready to take LS 3.. help!!

  1. ANy pointers?
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  3. by   nursemami4
    Really go over your excelsior study guide and outline it. This test to me was the hardest. I had a few questions from the practice exams. I used study group 101 for this and it was NOT helpful due to lacking information. I suggest getting the text book out for this one. Good luck!!!
  4. by   curiy17
    Which text book?
  5. by   nursewithskills
    Look at the area that will be graded more heavily. You will find that from the downloadable documents
    the percentages are to the right of the subjects that the test will cover. Spend more time getting these
    concepts down first then move on to area less heavily graded in percentage.

    I never used the textbooks. When I tried studying from textbook, I found
    the information overwhelming and still "lost" and a waste of study time. Just my experience.

    Buy the practice exams that excelsior offers.
    Read/study/understand those concepts.
    The practice exams also gives you a VERY GOOD
    idea of the subjects that they will cover the most.

    I recommend these two NCLEX books:
    NCLEX made incredibly easy Questions and Answers 5th ed.
    Saunders Q&A Review for NCLEX-RN Examination 4th ed. (with CD) (study with CD)

    Might find them cheap off amazon.

    Those NCLEX book I found to be VERY helpful. Easy to read, easy to understand, good rationals.
    Their questions and rationals really helped me understand the concept behind each question
    that related to the subject. And helped answers Excelsior exam ques. easier.

    Those are the methods I used and passed all LS-series within 3-weeks.

    Last, use the nursing process to help answer questions you may have doubts. It helps!

    I never got up from finishing an exam thinking, " That was easy" because those exams
    are challenging. But I found that method worked so I stuck with it.

    Hoping for your success!