First test

  1. Hello all,

    Taking transitions to RN on Friday. My first test with excelsior so I'm nervous. I've been studying for about a month. Any advice?
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  3. by   jlynn167
    I took this exam last week and passed with a B. I strongly suggest buying the practice exams, if you haven't already, they were such a big help. Also, someone else on here gave me this tip and it definitely helped me to relax: As soon as you hit the begin button, brain dump on the board they provide you before even reading the first question. I was definitely more at ease after doing this, and read every question thoroughly! Good luck
  4. by   KitkatPRN
    Just stay calm & treat every question as if it were the "one" to get right to pass. If you studied for a month, you should be ready. I have to agree with the previous poster: the practice exams are golden !! I took them for every test. I'm doing the FCCA now & passed all the theory tests on the first try, so I can honestly say that yes, you should take the practice exams, stay calm, and "brain dump" on the erase board (once the test starts ... btw, you can do this on the NCLEX, as well). Good luck on your journey !! It is worth it !!
  5. by   JustNursn
    Thanks for the advice! Do you find out after the test is complete if you passed or not?
  6. by   tnmarie
    My main tactic was to talk myself through the rationales of why each answer was right or wrong (in my head of course :-3).

    Yes, you get a print out telling you your letter grade immediately after you complete the test.
  7. by   JustNursn
    That's a good idea! I will post on Friday with a passing grade (starting my positive affirmations )
  8. by   sondon
    I was supposed to take it Friday but postponed it till dec 16. Once I started study I realized how much and how boring the info iwas. I failed my 1st test H&S cause I jump to fast into it, this time I'm taking my time!
  9. by   JustNursn
    Hi everyone

    Sorry for the late reply I ended up with a B!
  10. by   mrstookielpn
    Quote from Jkkash
    Hi everyone

    Sorry for the late reply I ended up with a B!
    Congrats! What test will you take next?