CPNE date September 14-16 at Southern Regional Med Ctr - page 2

Passed FCCA July 9th. I completed my application July 27, got it approved July 28 and called in for a cancelation date on August 3rd and got my official CPNE date for September 14-16th at southern... Read More

  1. by   missnurse01
    Crap I took it in Atlanta not Albany lol !
    Yup happy it is over. Just finished bsn and applied to grad school for next year start. It will be over soon for u !
  2. by   tplive4him
    Hey how did it go. Looking into goiing to Georgia sites. Didnt pass at St Marys Madison WI. Hope all went well with you
  3. by   nursenora1
    It went really good. I passed with 1 repeated pcs. SRMC is a great testing site.