Books for Exams?

  1. I've gone through the list of recommended books, but I'm wondering if any of you used other books and found they were sufficient for the class. I'm thinking about buying the Fundamentals book. I just bought the Studygroup 101 package. Do any of you have a list of books you used?
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  3. by   Nervous1
    The Saunders Book they recommend is worth it, but go thru Amazon or someone who recently passed boards may be willing to part with theirs, I'm sure its cheaper, not real sure what EC charges for it. Its the yellow one.
  4. by   sMoLsNurse
    Yea, I was going to invest in the yellow Saunders book, it seems like a common recommendation on the boards here. I was just wondering if anyone used a specific textbook for any of the tests and thought it helped them. Excelsior seems to recommend about 4 books per exam... I'm not sure if I should be investing in that many per exam.