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I have just completed my application process and am ready now for the $895 enrollment fee. I have heard that I can clep out of some classes. Can I do this before I enroll or am I better off enrolling? I need many, many credits! Thanks-the first step is done:yeah:

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You can take all general ed classes as well as one or two of the nursing courses before you enroll. Be aware that once you enroll, you start the clock ticking toward your annual $440 student services fee.

Also be aware that some states boards of nursing have pulled the rug out from under students who hadn't enrolled by a certain date. For example, Virginia's BON changed their acceptance of EC grads and grandfathered in enrolled students as long as they finish by a certain date, but anyone who hadn't already enrolled was out of luck. So you may run the risk of putting in a lot of time and effort before enrollment only to have a BON change the rules. I'd check with your state BON and make sure they're EC-friendly and don't have any rule changes in the works. Call me paranoid ... you'd be right. ;)

Good luck!!

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