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Excelsior A&P question


I am studying for the Anatomy and Phyisiology exam for Excelsior. I am using mystudygroup 101 outlines and worksheets. Am curious, are there diagrams on the exam or is it all just questions. I am in the middle of studying musculoskeletal and was having difficulties putting the bone markings into words but am able to label them. It will help my studying process to know if the bones/muscles/and associated markings will be a diagram to label or if one will have to identify them by a worded question? Any insight into this exam would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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Download the EC exam content guide and look through it -- that will tell you the format of the exam, as well as provide some sample questions. I also highly recommend the EC practice exams -- well worth the $65, seriously. Seriously!

As long as it hasn't changed, the A&P exam I took was all multiple choice, but it did ask anatomy-related questions to ensure you know what was where, you know? :)

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