Excellent Psychiatric Nursing in NYC?


I'm currently living in Canada and I'm graduating with my BN in November. I am doing my senior practicum in Psychiatry and plan to work at the same teaching hospital here that I am doing my senior practicum at, which has an attached psychiatric hospital with several psychiatric wards. After a year of working, I plan to try relocating to New York City with my boyfriend and am wondering if anyone can give me advice on which hospitals in NYC offer the best Psych wards. I am also wondering if there are Psychiatric hospitals in NYC.

Now, by "best" wards, I am referring to wards in which there is a fair nurse-patient ratio (here, it is generally 4-6 patients/nurse), job satisfaction, low turnover rate, possibly a teaching hospital, and somewhere well organized with friendly management. All this is definitely difficult to come by all in one place, however, I am only looking for the best few of the many that NYC probably has to offer.

I am looking to work with adult patients with mood disorders, personality disorders, schizophrenia, etc... However, I am not looking to work on a geriatric ward that specializes in dementia.

If anyone has heard anything about excellent psychiatric wards in NYC, please let me know either by responding to this post, sending me a private message, or emailing me at mkohut_@hotmail.com

Thanks so much!



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Have you looked into Bellevue? Lots of interesting cases there.


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I haven't, but now I will! :) Thanks, you're great!

I was looking at a rather large new york city map, and there was a little island with a foot bridge that says "manhattan psychiatric center". Have you heard anything about this place?

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Have you looked into Bellevue? Lots of interesting cases there.

I totally agree with nycNurse2b. I did my Psych clinicals there 2 years ago and found a variety of disorders, not to mention that Bellevue is famous for it's Psychiatric department. Definitely a place to look into if you are interested in Psych. Great department, great staff. :)

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