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Examples of how Med pass and Change of Shift Report is done

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I posted this under Addictions Nursing, I'm posting here as well hoping to get more answers from those who wouldn't go in that sub forum, maybe dual diagnosis units nurses. Mods if this isn't allowed I'm sorry please feel free to take this 1 down.

I started at a new facility last week that has a detox unit and a residential treatment unit.

Since it is new there's only about 4 clients.

My experience is from psych hospitals, including a dual diagnosis unit.

However I'm looking for help in how other do things in their own facilities, mainly detox, so that I can suggest ways for us to improve.

For med pass:

Right now we have a med cart, and med cups. With 4 clients it's easy to just write the initials on the cups. But I don't see this being a good way for when we're up to 30 pts.

Im thinking of suggesting a tray for cups with clients names already on the slots?

is there another way?

for shift report:

We have no kardex, no pt binder. Everyone just goes over what they think is important to pass on per client. The problem is I feel things are missed, there's no consistency, and again not a feasible option once there's 30 clients.

Ive made a little template for myself that includes the clients name, age, allergies, status, space for history, additional info and last PRNs

I requested a pt binder, DON said she'll make one. what do you guys use? What does you kardex consist of?

for report do you use a brain sheet? What information do you make sure to pass on?

My facility doesn't have any standard policies written out for preferences regarding these matters yet. Nor regarding documentation.

Any examples or help will be extremely useful for me to give to my DON so we can run smoothly before more patients are added on.

please feel free to DM if you prefer

Thank you ahead of time!

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