Evil Nursing Instructors


Am I the only one encountering this in nursing school?

I'm talking about truly manipulative, power trip, control freak, angel of darkness nursing instructors who derive real joy by unnecessarily creating strife and misery within the hearts of students.

I understand the concept of "toughening up the students" for the real world, but sometimes it's taken a bit too far, dontcha think?


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Nope... you aren't the only one. They are out there and they have PhD's in EVIL!

The best thing to do is just try to fly under the radar I think. I have found that nursing school isn't the only place with "eat their young" evil, people. They are on the unit too! I just remind myself why I'm there... patients, and ignore (or try to) the rest.


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I haven't encountered any instructors like that yet. I had one last sememster that acted like she missed her meds a time or two but all in all she was decent. I only have 2 semesters left so hopefully I will get lucky. Good luck to you and hang in there.


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Most instructors are pretty take it or leave it at my school, but there are a few I have seen who it seems are determined to absolutely destroy certain students. I agree completely about just doing your best to stay under the radar, which also unfortunately means standing by and watching them tear apart some great people and make then question their life goals. I have done my best to be supportive to those people away from instructor's eyes. I don't know why they are so evil, but God they are! :angryfire :devil:


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I have had one. In OB of all places. I almost wanted to give up nursing because of her. But decided that I put too much into where I am to let her win.

Two quarters later...and I am getting closer to graduation. And I never had, nor especially now, had any intention of any sort of OB nursing.


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I just finished OB and had the most miserable instructor ever. She actually was upset because everyone in our evening program passed the course! Where do schools GET these people?


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Yeah, I have one or two at my school. They seem to pick their students whom they are going to flunk or would like to flunk each term. I just do my best to stay "under the radar", but at the same time participate as much as I can in lectures (when asked questions) so that I don't become the target. The current instructor I have now basically wants us to teach this term to her. Go figure!! :rolleyes:


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There is no justice. The nursing instructor shortage allows them to get away with poor treatment of students.

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