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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could help me find evidence-based nursing research articles on maternal gestational diabetes...I can't seem to find a thing. Suggestions? Thanks


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Where have you looked? What databases have you searched?

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Google is your friend. :nurse:

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Google Scholar


Search for "gestational diabetes nursing research"

Tons of stuff.

Good Luck.


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You want professional nursing journals. If you are going to a college or university, check their databases for nursing journals. Those would be your best bet. Then do a search on your topic. If you are doing a distant learning program, see what nursing databases you can find on line or check with your local public library. They probably has access to those databases. One of the problems with trying to a Google search, you may not get access to those sites unless you are a subscriber to the journal. If you use the databases from your college or the public library, they usually have access to those journal sites.

Evidence based nursing articles would be articles published in professional journals that were published less than 5 years old. :twocents: