Evidence-Based Practice Research Paper


Did anyone ever have to do one of these? I am trying to find my journal articles now and I can only find abstracts!!! Does anyone know where I can look to find FULL TEXT articles? Thanks!

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This is take from my references in a power point presentation I did on a difficult topic, but discussed evidenced-based nursing on the side. Good luck.

Pape, T. M. (2003). Evidence-based nursing practice: to infinity and beyond. The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, 34(4). Retrieved February 8, 2005, from http://gateway.ut.ovid.com/gw2/ovidweb.cgi#24

The Evidenced-Based Health Care Project. (2000). Evidence-based nursing. Retrieved February 9, 2005, from Academic Health Center at the University of Minnesota Web Site: http://evidence.ahc.umn.edu/

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