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Anybody has any suggestions for an EBP/EBN/QA/QI topics for GI endoscopy? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thank you.


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My unit is transitioning over to single-use scope buttons in place of traditional, reusable buttons, and several of our docs have been making waves about how the disposable buttons are inferior and wasteful. My NM recently sent out a unit-wide email with a link to several evidence-based studies that actually refute those claims and support the use of single-use buttons for endoscopic procedures from cost-effective, performance and infection control standpoints.

Definitely hand washing PI initiatives in GI. It's beyond disturbing how many docs, RNs, and anesthesia staff skip on the soap and water in GI of all places!

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Are you already doing the 6 minute withdrawal/ adenoma detection rate studies?

Our current QI projects are hand washing (always) and documentation errors. We have just started a new IV protocol/ study because we've had a few infiltrations over the last year. That's not very endo specific, though.


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I work within accreditation.....just curious, in what form is the project for hand washing? training? studies?

We mainly do documentation errors through chart reviews

What's your new IV protocol? I'm actually not sure if we have a protocol for that, would have to check, but we've had a few infiltrations ourselves. We (pre-op) to flush with saline first. Saline infiltration is a lot less painful than propofol :S

The current study we're working on is based on what's the most effective bowel prep..


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The current study we're working on is based on what's the most effective bowel prep..

I bet this'll be very interesting. I've found that the most effective bowel preps are those in which thorough prescreening and pt education are properly utilized. If the pt's on a boat load of pain meds and has no clue why they're drinking the prep, chances are a 1 day Moviprep won't be adequate, let alone if the pt even completes the entire prep.