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Evidence-base Practice, need idease, issues, procedures...


Hi, I'm answering some questions and I have to select one issue, practice, or procedure observed in the nursing practice that I can question about who determined it and why we do it and could we be doing it better. If you could give me ideas or links to journals, policies, resources that would be great. Example that I can't use is because somebody else is doing it is the argument of using of chlorexidine vs. providon iodine for surgical prep. Something along these lines, help!


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I'm sorry but we really can't help you with your homework. It might be best to speak with your instructor for some ideas if the one you already had was taken by another student.

It is easy to find evidence based nursing research, pick a specialty area and focus your search, for example if you choose the specialty of urology nursing and focus on the procedure of catheterizing you will find research such as;

measuring post void residuals; bladder scanner vs intermittent catheterization

intermittent catheterization; clean vs sterile technique